Building Website Using Blogdown, Hugo and Github Pages

This is a post about how to build your websites. Github Setting Register for a Github account If you haven’t got an Github account, please register here. Creat a new repository In you repository page, press the “New Repository” button on the top-right to create a new repository to run your website. Input the repo name as “”, where the “USERNAME” is your github account name. Make sure you repo is set to be public and “Initialize with a README”.

How to Add Local or Online Files to a Rmarkdown Post

When you want to include a pdf file in your Rmarkdown post, here are the tips for you. If the file is from your online Github repo, you should first get the link for the file. First click the PDF file in your Github repo. Then right click in the download button and copy the link by copy link address. PDF from existing Github repo If it is a local file, just put it in the content/post/, static/ or static/courses/ folder.